Specialising in turnkey construction, Compass Projects Limited works closely with Air System International Ltd throughout all of its projects – in this day and age it is imperative that all buildings are constructed with the efficient installation of HVAC products in mind. No matter how aesthetically wonderful and structurally sound a building might be, it’s value will diminish if it is not equipped with proper heating, cooling, plumbing, and ventilation facilities.

What defines a turnkey project? For a construction project to be a turnkey one, it must be fully designed, managed, and carried out by a construction company all the way through. While a project can be commissioned by a specific client, the turnkey company is fully responsible for the performance of its projects. Once the project is completed, it is sold and handed over straight to its commissioner. Alternatively, if the project was commissioned internally, it will be marketed and sold to interested buyers.

In other words, clients who purchase finished products from Compass Projects Limited do so because they put full trust in them to deliver buildings that have been expertly designed, managed, and constructed. This includes full inclusion of HVAC facilities.

Compass Projects Limited has built a loyal client base that only keeps growing as time passes. This is not surprising considering the quality of delivery the company has shown time and again.

The company also prides itself on its versatility, as it continues to take on all kinds of opportunities, from small-scale and large-scale projects alike. Throughout its history, it has constructed buildings intended for various purposes, from residential to commercial and much more.

Compass Projects Limited upholds a strict ethos of giving its clients full respect. Being a customer-oriented company means being efficient and respecting deadlines, while not cutting corners in any aspect of the project, as well as being responsive to the opinions and needs of our customers. As clients, your budget will also always be respected.

Of course, the success attained by the company over the years would not have been possible without its dedicated team of specialists across the board who have been specifically selected and trained to pay full attention to detail while showing innovation in terms of project design and management. From creation to implementation, every single detail is carefully considered throughout each stage of a project.

Compass Projects Limited boasts a track record that speaks for itself. Whether you have a project in mind that you need constructed for you, or whether you’re looking to buy finished property, there is no turnkey construction company that you should consider before Compass Projects Limited, especially because of the meticulous care given to the installation of HVAC services due to ASIL’s constant collaborations.