Air System International Ltd (ASIL) provides industrial-grade HVAC equipment, cooling and plumbing systems, and aluminium cladding for factories and large residential and commercial projects.

ASIL prides itself in catering to the client’s needs from start to finish, and will work hand-in-hand with them to ensure that each project is overseen with care and precision from its design phase down to the manufacturing and installation stages.

Founded in 2008, the company has a diverse portfolio that will provide safe and efficient solutions to all your infrastructural needs: from heating to ventilation and air-conditioning.

Run by directors Riccardo Caruso and Christopher Vella, ASIL offers a unique service and can boast of a tireless commitment to quality and excellence, as is clearly evidenced by their varied list of clients, which includes both heavyweights in the private sector and key government entities.

The company was founded in 2008 after Riccardo noticed there was a gap in the market. Although several contractors provide similar services on the island, none are as thorough as ASIL in the kind of services they offer. Unlike other companies in the sector, ASIL will not just take care of the manufacturing and installation aspects of the project, but will also help the client with design and sourcing.

This means that our clients don’t have to worry about any aspect of the job — once ASIL gets started it means that no stone will be left unturned to bring the project to completion, guaranteeing no headaches in the process.

In short, we offer a complete package: design, sourcing, installation and project management, commissioning and testing.


Prior to joining ASIL with Riccardo Caruso, Christopher Vella worked with a company that provided similar services – starting out as a draughtsman in 1999 and eventually working up the ladder to become contract manager in 2006.

Riccardo, on the other hand, is an Italian resident who has spent 14 years in Malta in total: moving to Malta in 2000, but returning to the island to get married in 2002. He began working as a self-employed individual in this sector, focusing on the importation of materials.

Both veterans in the field, Riccardo and Christopher were eager to team up to fulfil their common dream of setting up their ow HVAC business. The duo decided to pool their resources and draw on their experience in the area to cater to the gaps in the market.