There’s a reason why aluminium cladding is so popular. Well, there are several – all of them compelling. The first is that it’s extremely durable. Want proof? The oldest known use of aluminium cladding in buildings dates back to 1897, when San Gioacchino’s Church in Rome was covered in aluminium sheets. Have a look at it now. Perfect condition.

That’s because along with durability, protection is also an important part of what makes aluminium cladding so desirable. Cladding in general refers to the application of one material over another to provide an extra layer, and aluminium is the perfect candidate here. It’s pliable but also strong, and it’s an ideal fit for Malta’s highly moody weather conditions. You know how the island is prone to shift from scorching sun to merciless rain, sometimes in the blink of an eye? Coating the building in aluminium cladding will keep the elements at bay.

It’s also highly flexible. Opting for aluminium cladding ensures that it will be compatible with more or less any kind of building structure – new and old – owing to just how lightweight it is. It can also be used along any other material: from stone, to timber and cement. Lightweight, however, does not mean brittle or vulnerable, and this low-maintenance material will prove to be hassle-free. When it comes to cleaning, all it really needs is to be washed once or twice a year with some mild detergent (or just water. Water will do). But more importantly, being so light it also doesn’t place too much pressure on the walls, reducing the risk of leakages.

Finally, aluminium is excellent at retaining heat – making it both the comfortable and sustainable option. There’s cosmetic advantages to be considered too, should the creative bug bite you. The aluminium could be coated in any colour you desire, and even be manipulated to create the appearance of a wood texture.

However, despite it being such a regular feature in HVAC services, at Air System International we always make that extra effort to ensure our aluminium work is done to a sleek industry standard that leaves our competitors in the dirt.

We pride ourselves in taking full advantage of this flexible and varied component of our portfolio, and as our many satisfied clients will surely tell you, we make sure their structures do justice to the attractive, sustainable and durable nature of the material.