Whether you are looking for equipment to regulate the temperature in your office block, your private home, or even your commercial premises, Air System International Ltd (ASIL) has all the bases covered. The company is a leading provider of industrial-grade HVAC (Heating, ventilation, air conditioning) equipment, and it has since amassed a considerable portfolio of clients in Malta.

If you are thinking of installing air conditioning systems in your premises, ASIL will be there to provide their professional diagnosis. A certified technician will visit your building to provide you with a top quality service and expert advice. Our staff has been trained in dealing with queries relating to simple services such as unit replacement, to more complex requests such as total system design. With experience of installations in new premises, as well as the setup of central air conditioning and HVAC systems in old dwellings and buildings, our products will make a difference in the environment of your living or working spaces.

There are several advantages to consider when deciding whether to install our Air Conditioning equipment. All of our products have been selected as they provide three essential features to our clients; comfort, quality and environmentally friendly alternatives. Our products use the latest technology that employed certified refrigerants that reduce negative impacts on the environment, and at the same time reduce your utility bills and save energy. ASIL systems are guaranteed to provide our clients with superior comfort at home or in your place of work. Our expert technicians will ensure that your properly installed new AC system will let you enjoy more consistent temperature control, making it easier for you to regulate how much energy you are using. In addition, our AC Systems are also equipped with a wide range of choices that improve indoor air quality by properly ventilating stale indoor air, and removing microbes and airborne particles from circulation.

Air System International Ltd also provides central Air Conditioning Systems for clients that are looking to fit or upgrade large buildings or complexes. Central air conditioning systems are the ideal choice for such premises as they distribute the air through ducting, thereby providing cooling, ventilation and humidity control. This type of system can also be used to control heating, but an additional heat pump or gas furnace is required. Central air conditioners can be installed as split systems or as packaged units, depending on your requirements. A split air conditioning system is installed in two parts; an indoor unit that works in conjunction with an air handler or a furnace, and an outdoor unit that consists of a compressor and a condenser coil.

Irrespective of which Air conditioning system you choose, we always suggest to our clients to follow maintenance instructions provided by our technicians on installation. Despite the fact that we are always available to conduct maintenance, repair and replacement services, we believe that proper product care will lengthen the lifetime of your equipment considerably. If you are choosing to install a new or upgrade an existing air conditioning system, ASIL will meet your every demand with expertise and efficiency.