With a strong family legacy dating back to the 19th century, MEZ-Technik are an established supplier of HVAC accessories which continue to operate to global standards. At Air System International, we’re proud to have forged a productive and ongoing partnership with this strong legacy brand, as it ensures our clients are serviced with only the best materials through a company that continues to cultivate a reputation of respect and reliability worldwide.

MEZ-Technik offer a wide range of products for manufacturing and installation of air duct systems and ventilation components which are crucial to Air System International. Its product development process focuses on three key aspects: planning, ductwork manufacturing and installer companies and mechanical engineering.

Its manufacturing arm is varied and flexible enough to suit the needs of all of our clients, offering a complete product range incorporating MEZ-Standard, MEZ-Classic, MEZ-Syphon and MEZ-ISO-Flange to ensure a comprehensive range of efficient and economical tools for the manufacturing of air ducts. Additionally, MEZ-Technik also provides kits and system-components which facilitate the production of air handling units, volume dampers, flexible connections or protective gratings and many other HVAC products.

MEZ-Installation offers a complete range of HVAC installation and connection products for rectangular and round ductwork systems such as mounting rails, duct clamps, duct hangers, wire installation and many special products for ductwork, ventilation, air conditioning and air cooling jobs.

The third crucial field of activity for MEZ-Technik is MEZ-Chemistry, offering highest quality and air tightness for ductwork or HVAC components. This incorporates silicone free, heat and fire resistant sealants, cold shrinking tapes and various specific duct and sealing tapes as well as many other products that cater to all HVAC requirements.

Founded in 1875 by Ludwig Mez as a company for sheet metal work, MEZ-Technik has ensured family continuity right up until the present day, where it is currently managed by Jörg Mez and Wolfgang Linder – the latter of which joined the company as a trainee back in 1976. The company moved from its previous base of operations in Reutlingen, Germany to the Swabian Gönningen in 2010 owing to the company’s strong growth around that time.

The company started its industrial operations in ductwork manufacturing and installation in 1965, and was registered as a limited liability company (GmbH) in 1996.

Additionally, MEZ-Technik has also expanded its network abroad, to include companies in Kielce, Poland (2002), and in Lyon, France (2014) – along with its suppliers in Poland, USA and Japan. The company can also boast partnerships with Ductcap (USA) and AEROSEAL (USA).

With a partnership forged in January 2015, MEZ-Technik’s link-up with AEROSEAL was hailed as a “revolutionary” step forward ringing in a “new age of ductwork sealing” by the industry media, owing to AEROSEAL’s patented technology for subsequent sealing of already installed ductwork from the inside out. Proven and tested in the US since the 1990s, applied to the European industry the technology will make a major contribution to achieving the EU’s climate and energy targets for 2020.