Whether your property is modern or antique, and regardless of whether it falls under the category of residential, office, or commercial property, you need it to have top notch ventilation systems installed.

Ventilation has been a core part of ASIL’s HVAC services since our company’s inception. We put in the work so that you can control the quality of your indoor air effortlessly.

Proper ventilation needs to do much more than direct air to your property – it needs to prevent undesirable pollutants from entering, too, which keeps your building safe and your health intact. It can also provide dehumidification and thermal comfort.

Having the right ventilation system installed is also of utmost importance because it allows for the correct functioning of a wide array of essential appliances in your home. Your water heating system, furnace, boiler, and other appliances are all reliant on the quality of your air ventilation.

ASIL oversees the quality of its air & ventilation systems down to the manufacturing process. Ducting materials for ASIL’s HVAC systems are provided by one of our sister companies, Total Air Limited, while MEZ-Technik, whom we are also in partnership with, provides us with a huge range of ventilation components.

Our ventilation solutions are tailored for your needs. Our certified technicians will inspect your property and will help you decide on what type of system would suit you best.

We can provide high, medium and low pressure air duct installation with a circular or rectangular cross-sectional ducting design. We make these decisions based on the overall shape and size of the building as well as considerations of hygiene. When possible, a circular duct is ideal because grime does not get trapped in corners. Despite this, there is no superior type of duct – there is only the duct that suits your needs best.

All our systems are efficient and durable. They are corrosion resistant and can withstand all weather conditions, so you’ll be getting the same level of quality regardless of what solution you find works for you.

The solutions are vast, of course. You may opt for ventilation which is purely mechanical, meaning that air is controlled via fans and other technology. You may also opt for natural ventilation systems that introduces outside air passively. Many systems, though, combine both approaches – this is known as mixed mode ventilation.