It is in the best interests of everybody that financial institutions are provided with optimum HVAC services. This is true of any other building, of course, but people are just as reliant on the smooth running of the banks they use as they are their own domestic property.

If a bank’s infrastructure is problematic – if its workers cannot operate with faulty heating, cooling, plumbing, or ventilation systems – then business is delayed, which is bad news for all its clients. ASIL has proven time and again that it is a leading choice for banks – we have delivered top quality, cost-effective, and energy saving services to a number of reputable banks since our establishment.

Take, for example, AgriBank PLC, a commercial bank based in Malta that is known for its excellent returns to its Maltese and British clientele. AgriBank PLC specialises in asset financing within the agriculture and agribusiness industry and has helped many farmers and farming firms to flourish.

Our Maltese clients will, of course, know of BOV, one of the island’s leading banks. The bank specialises all kinds of personal and commercial services, and it boasts an impressive 44 branches and agencies in both Malta and Gozo through which it offers its financial duties.

Furthermore, in the past years BOV has taken on the international banking market by opening correspondent banks and representative offices in a number of countries, including Australia, Italy, Belgium, and Libya.

The Maltese clearly trust BOV, and BOV have trusted us to deliver our HVAC services to their offices.

We have also offered our services to HSBC, a bank that leads the market not just in Malta, but all around the world. HSBC serves over 47 million customers in 71 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. This overwhelming success is not surprising for a company that began as far back as 1865.

HSBC divides its work into four main sections: Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Commercial Banking, Global Banking and Markets, and Global Private Banking. Whether you’re looking for a short-term loan to a full-scale credit solution for business growth, HSBC can help.

Lombard Bank Malta PLC has also made use of our HVAC products. Although Lombard has only been offering equity to the public for the past 26 years, its establishment as an institution for localised deposits goes as far back as 1955. A subsidiary of Lombard North Central in the UK, it eventually had a large percentage of shares bought by the Maltese Government until it became a Public Limited Company in 1990.