Air System International Ltd offers a comprehensive range of HVAC services for large car parks complexes. With essentials such as cooling, ventilation and heating, our dedicated team is there to ensure that the client’s needs are met in a consistent and efficient manner.

Many large scale commercial, retail and residential establishments will have large car parks on multiple levels to serve its clientele. However, such car parks can often consume considerable amounts of electricity in terms of climate control and ventilation. This is where HVAC services come in, as they provide a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative that does not need to be switched on round the clock to ventilate the air.

Our products consist of a wide range of monitoring and control equipment that can be used both in car park tunnels and in the parking floors. One of the key aspects is the detection and monitoring of pollutants that are emitted from vehicles, including Carbon Monoxide (CO), Methane (CH4), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), and Nitric Acid (NO), as well as detection of refrigerants emitted from the cooling system itself. Our products offer a variety of interfaces and configuration options that make them ideal to adapt to a wide variety of car park scales and sizes.

ASIL is committed to ensuring that its clients receive the best services and products on the market. This is achieved through optimal managing of the project, where we oversee every aspect from the start till the very end. We work closely with our clients, conducting inspections of the car parks, installing all equipment and testing it to ensure that it meets the necessary standards. Some of our satisfied customers include large car park complexes at Ta’ Monita Residence and Pendergardens.

Ta’ Monita Residence in Marsascala is a stunning development in the south of Malta which has transformed an ordinary locality into a luxury residential area. With a side selection of apartments and penthouses, this complex covers an area of 16,000 square metres and also boasts a communal swimming pool and central piazza.

Heading further north in the island of Malta, the nearly completed Pendergardens complex is by far one of the most ambitious car park projects that we have worked upon. This development is situated in St Julian’s, a tourist and entertainment hub in the Maltese Islands. Covering an area of approximately 18,500 square metres, the Pendergardens complex boasts several lavish residential and commercial outlets that are served by four levels of underlying car park spaces, which number just over 450.