Offering a full range of heating, ventilation and air conditioning services, Air System International is responsible for creating safe, healthy and clean indoors environments for a number of well-regarded educational institutions across Malta.

We pride ourselves on providing the stable learning environments that are legally required for both students and teachers. Through the careful management of air temperature, CO2 levels and humidity, we ensure that the air quality of each classroom is well within governmental recommendations.

Studies have shown that excessive build up of CO2 results in poor concentration, lethargy, headaches, nausea, aggression and has a detrimental effect on students’ attentiveness, attainment and behaviour. Thus the services that Air System International provides help to maximize the academic potential of students whilst reducing condensation and the health effects of black mould into non-existence.

Air System International provides a fully inclusive service from start to finish: sizing up the individual needs of each institution, sourcing the materials, and installing and commissioning all the vital equipment. Many different institutions from Kindergartens upwards have benefited from these services, including Global College MaltaImmaculate Conception College and Siġġiewi Primary.

Global College Malta is a unique institution of higher education that offers world-class degree programmes designed to provide an all inclusive, multi-cultural education for the business leaders and industry pioneers of the future. Partnered with SmartCity Malta, Global College Malta contributes to a global community of talented people who are intent to provide internationally renowned education, innovative businesses and cutting edge research all in one place.

Representing secondary education, Immaculate Conception College is one of the most sought after all girls’ schools in Malta. Offering a first-class education to girls across the island, Immaculate Conception College is most esteemed for the number of its students that goes on to further studies in higher education.

Air System International’s services are perhaps most needed in the formative years of a child’s life and they are well employed at Siġġiewi Primary. A combined Kindergarten and primary school, Siġġiewi Primary specialises in Learning through Play and they are proud of their well-equipped indoor and outdoor play areas.

Keeping CO2 levels at an acceptable concentration and maintaining a cool temperature during the hot summer months is extremely important, not only for improving the children’s concentration and attentiveness, but also for their health and well-being. Young children are particularly vulnerable to poor environmental conditions on account of their weaker immune systems.