Keeping guests comfortable is one of the hallmarks of the hospitality and leisure industries, so investing in the best HVAC systems is critical to achieving this. Whether it is a hotel lobby, guest rooms, a spa area, a restaurant, or an exhibition and conference room, the space needs to be inviting and at a consistent temperature to provide a relaxing environment. In addition, it is equally imperative that HVAC systems used in such areas are optimally concealed and quiet so as to not detract from the comfort of the space. It is therefore no surprise that your HVAC system will be one of the most important systems that you can ever invest in, especially for facilities that have a wide variety of areas that make climate control a challenging feat.

However, hospitality and leisure complexes need to thread carefully when choosing to install a new or update an existing HVAC system. In these industries, energy consumption accounts for a considerable portion of all operational costs, so care should be taken to ensure that the most cost effective and energy efficient alternative is selected. The ultimate choice should not only be sound from an operational aspect, but it should also provide visitors and customers with a consistent level of comfort. Ultimately, a proper HVAC system is an investment that creates high customer turnouts and consolidates the reputation of the business.

One way of achieving this balance is by choosing an intelligent system design that is reliable and easily manageable by hoteliers and complex managers. This includes the added ease of being able to capture energy that would otherwise be lost from one area and transfer it to another, such as moving cooled air from an auditorium or restaurant to the warmer food preparation areas.

Air System International Ltd is a leading provider of HVAC systems that are specialised for the hospitality and leisure sectors. Our products have been carefully selected to ensure that our clients are provided with leading market equipment that is reliable and durable. Our dedicated team of expert technicians and staff will be there to assist in every aspect of managing your project, from the careful scrutiny of your entire premises, to planning and sourcing of all the material required, and the final installation and testing stages.

Our products are straightforward and display information in a logical manner. These features and the high degree of user-friendliness that our HVAC systems have make them an ideal choice of systems on the local market. The last thing that we would want is for our clients to choose one of our products and not be able to maximise its potential. The success of our products can easily be measured by the growing number of prominent clients from the hospitality and leisure Maltese market.

Our portfolio of clients includes several leading national and international hotels and resorts across the Maltese Islands. The InterContinental Malta Hotel is a luxurious 5-star hotel that is situated in the centre of Malta’s tourist hub of St Julian’s. With over 450 rooms spread over 15 floors, this hotel includes a Health and fitness centre, spa, commercial outlets, and is also a popular choice for large scale business conferences. Situated just a few hundred metres away is the equally lavish Westin Dragonara Resort, which boasts over 74,000 square metres of space that includes various amenities and also a two private beach lidos on the water’s edge.

Two prominent luxury hospitality clients are the db San Antonio Hotel + Spa and the db Seabank Resort + Spa. These two 4-star hotels are highly sought after accommodation options by tourists since they are both located just a few metres away from the Maltese seaside. With several restaurants, recreation facilities, bars, pools and entertainment areas, these two hotels are a popular choice with both locals and foreigners.

Another key client of ASIL is the Phoenicia Hotel located in Malta’s capital city Valletta. This opulent hotel is widely regarded as Malta’s first luxury hotel that was built under British rule in the 1930s. Even though this hotel has seen many refurbishments, it still retains its Art Deco feel throughout the main hotel areas.

Other clients include Mellieħa Bay Hotel, a resort consisting of 313 rooms that overlook the spectacular Mellieħa Bay and Malta’s’ largest sandy beach. Also located in the north of Malta is Salini Resort, a hotel that has 237 rooms that overlook both the Mediterranean Sea and the Maltese countryside. Both these hotels have several ancillary facilities ranging from restaurants, lounges, conferences spaces and recreation areas.

Another key client is Casino Maltese, a prominent baroque building built by the Knights of St. John. This building, originally utilised by the Knights as a Treasury, consists of a large hall leading to a majestic staircase that branches off into several halls and rooms that are used for conferences, wedding receptions, and other events.

We have also provided our services to the Malta National Aquarium and to Sky Gourmet Malta, a leading company that provides in-flight catering services to carrier such as Air Malta and Emirates Airlines.