Offering the full complement of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, Air System International is proud to support some of Malta’s most delicate and complex HVAC requirements at Gozo General Hospital and Malta’s national crisis unit, the Mater Dei Hospital in Tal-Qroqq.

As part of our services to hospitals and clinics, Air System International provides health care HVAC systems for an indoor population that is uniquely vulnerable and exposed to greater health, fire and safety hazards. To protect this population, Air System International supplies highly specialised and heavily regulated systems that require continuous maintenance, verification, inspection and recertification.

As these systems operate 24/7, ensuring that each installation is carefully designed and maintained in coordination with both emergency and normal power is vitally important. The HVAC systems that Air System International provides are also expertly constructed to ensure that they coordinate with the hospital or clinic’s plumbing, medical gas systems, automatic transport, fire protections and a myriad of IT systems.

This aspect of Air System International’s services is an integral part of the HVAC system run at Gozo General Hospital. Catering to the health and safety needs of Gozo inhabitants and visitors, Gozo General Hospital provides medical, surgical and emergency patient care in a series of separate building complexes. The hospital’s functions are also supported by paramedical services, laboratory and radiology services, speech-language therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, a Hyperbaric Unit and ECG.

Soon to offer a newly-extended emergency ward with 68 beds, a national crisis unit and plant rooms situated in a six-storey building, Mater Dei Hospital brings a brand new opportunity to Air System International. As the Mater Dei Hospital emergency ward extension is still in the planning stages, Air System International will be able to provide a cost effective and reliable ventilation system for the building from the very earliest design stages, creating a fully integrated and specialised system straight from the word go.

Air System International takes pride in answering the unique operational needs of the healthcare industry by providing a fully inclusive service from start to finish. This includes a thorough evaluation of the unique needs of each hospital or clinic, sourcing the materials necessary for installation, testing and commissioning of all equipment.

In such a high pressure and high-risk environment, Air System International provides a service that puts your health and safety first, ensuring that you continue to receive the same high standard of medical care expected of a modern healthcare institution.