Offering a comprehensive range of services covering the HVAC essentials — plumbing, cooling, ventilation, heating and cladding — Air System International’s Industrial arm meets the client’s needs in this vast but delicate field, ensuring the client’s satisfaction while also providing safe, energy-saving solutions.

Our diversified portfolio of clientele is proof of our flexibility and longevity. Throughout the years, have built strong relationships with a large number of clients in various fields, who see us as a reference point, safe in the knowledge that we will ensure their infrastructures run smoothly and safely.

We pride ourselves in being able to handle clients in the fields of pharmaceuticals and electronics, which require particular attention given their need for highly specialised filtration systems and careful temperature control.

However, Air System International has provided its services to a varied array of high-powered companies from a variety of fields. Among our clients are national giants such as the Delimara Power Station – the country’s main source of electricity, producing a total generation capacity of 444MW – as well as Malta International Airport, which places both excellence of service as well as sustainability in its mission statement: two values we’re more than happy to help the national airport bring to the fore.

Another of our national-scale clients is STMicroelectronics, whose Malta plant remains the semiconductor manufacturer’s most important European test and assembly plant, and whose Kirkop premises produce nearly 1.1 billion semiconductor devices every year.

Air System International has also taken care of WasteServ Malta’s Gozo Transfer Station, which processes and transfers waste originating from Gozo and Comino in a brand-new facility.

Among our clients are also household names such as Maypole Factory in Ħandaq, as well as Playmobil Malta — whose longevity and commitment to quality is more than evident in the goodwill they continue to generate among their customers.

The pharmaceutical field is also strongly represented in our portfolio, with the likes of Actavis – who, having now acquired Allergan, is a leader in the new industry model of Growth Pharma — and also Arrow Pharm, Siegfried GenericsPharmacare Premium MaltaBaxter and Cardinal Health, the latter of which is a US-based company which chose Malta to be its sole base of operations in Europe.

Air System International has also serviced a number of high-profile players in the field of electronics. Among these is Siemens S.p.A – based in Milan, Italy and offering power generation, transmission, distribution services, and smart grid solutions – along with Carlo Gavazzi, who manufacture and market solid-state relays, motor controllers and fieldbus devices for industrial and domestic automation requirements in selected market segments.

Another one of our esteemed clients is Sterling Chemicals Malta (ESI), specialising in the design, installation, commissioning and support of integrated automation in fields such as home automation, fire and gas detection and safety systems, integrated security and industrial and process automation.

We have also made our presence felt in the field of manufacturing, with the likes of Toly Malta – producing high quality packages for international customers in the beauty industry — and Trelleborg Sealing Solutions employing our services: the latter boasting over 40 years of experience in producing premium quality elastomeric O-Rings with an emphasis on technical capability and quality assurance, while Toly Malta’s arm is actually the company’s main manufacturing plant, with a state-of-the-art facility that employs over 400 people.

Having proven ourselves across various areas of industry, Air System International comes with a guarantee of quality and experience. We work closely with the client to assess their needs and situation. Above all, we are here to put the client’s mind at rest when it comes to their infrastructure – which is, after all, the seat of the business.

Ultimately, what Air System International can ensure is that your base of operations will be clean, safe and efficient to work in: the cornerstone of any healthy business.