With a full range of heating, ventilation and air conditioning technologies, Air System International provides cutting edge technological advances to one of the HVAC industry’s most demanding sectors: laboratories.

Consuming vast amounts of energy, laboratories depend on HVAC systems for cooling and ventilation. Without it the internal temperature of the building can rise rapidly on account of the laboratory equipment, which often runs for long hours and produces large internal heat gains. For the health of the workers and for the safety of equipment itself, HVAC systems are a vital part of any smooth running laboratory.

However, many laboratory HVAC systems frequently consume more than 60% of the total energy used by the building, providing an economical and ecological conundrum: How do we reduce energy expenditure whilst maintaining the same level of ventilation? Air System International provides a solution to this problem.

Offering a fully integrated and holistic approach to laboratory HVAC systems, Air System International equips laboratories with a range of new technologies that create functional, energy efficient and eco-friendly laboratories. Taking care of the whole process from start to finish, Air System International evaluates each laboratory according to its needs, sources the necessary materials and installs the equipment. After this point, Air System International can also provide regulatory systems to monitor energy expenditure and commission the equipment for you when needed.

In addition, Air System International provides cost effective solutions for existing laboratory HVAC systems. These are designed to improve the safety of the working environment as well as reduce the energy cost of the HVAC system.

In Malta, Air System International is proud to support a leading laboratory in the industry: Malta’s Life Sciences Park. Known for providing first class facilities to both local and international organisations, Malta’s Life Sciences Park promotes better and closer multicultural collaborations between international scientific and medical personnel.

The park is currently home to a number of different projects. In applied research, areas of mechanical engineering, physical sciences, electronic engineering, chemical engineering and occupational health are being researched. In more commercial enterprises, materials relating to engineering, biotechnology, environmental services, information technology, industrial design, laser technology, health products, engineering services and radar systems are being explored.

Malta’s Life Sciences Park is a hub of knowledge and information that requires individual and integrated HVAC systems. Air System International supports Malta’s Life Sciences Park so that businesses, research teams, students, universities, lecturers and hospital staff can continue to benefit from their services.