Developers are consistently striving to produce more state-of-the-art and modern residential complexes that are not only pleasant to look at, but are also equipped with the latest technology. When customers choose to purchase an upmarket apartment or penthouse, they are not only vying for a good location, but they also expect the latest in comfort. This is especially true in a country such as Malta that has pronounced cold winters and hot summers. Being able to regulate the temperature of your home efficiently is imperative to having the ultimate domestic comfort experience.

ASIL provides custom made HVAC systems that can deliver the ultimate comfortable home experience in a large scale residential development. We offer a variety of products ranging from central air conditioners, packaged and split systems, heat pumps, furnaces and unit heaters. Our products are built to last, so they are resistant to corrosion and extreme weather. In addition, clients can efficiently control the flow of air throughout their homes, giving more control over the internal environment inside their apartments or penthouses.

Furthermore, ASIL is committed to providing its clients with the best customer experience possible. Our staff is involved throughout the entire project, and will be on site with you from the initial planning stages right until the installation and final testing stages to see that your selected product meets industrial standards. Our HVAC products have already been used by a number of prominent developments in Malta.

Featuring in our portfolio of customers is the development at Tigné Point. This luxury development is located in the highly sought after Sliema area, hailed as the recreational and shopping town of Malta. The development is split into several sections, and ASIL has so far been involved in providing HVAC systems for Q1 and the T & P Blocks of the Tigné Point project. Q1 is a 13-storey block that consists of 38 luxurious apartments that are constructed on the shore’s edge. The T&P Blocks are in various stages of completion, with most of these being completed and already sold. All of these homes are just a couple of metres away from all the amenities of Tigné Point, including The Point shopping mall, various retail outlets, restaurants, bars and cafes.

Our HVAC systems have also been installed in the Hilltop Gardens retirement village, a large development that includes luxury apartments and penthouses spread over 17,000 square metres. This complex also boasts a library, games room, lounge areas, bars and restaurants and a crafts centre.