Despite the fact that consumers are increasingly choosing to purchase their goods over the internet, a large portion of the Maltese population still enjoys visiting shopping centres during the weekends with their families and friends. Shoppers enjoy the experience of being in an enclosed and climate controlled environment when conducting their purchases, particularly on a cold and windy winter day or in the scorching temperatures of the summer months.

Leading shopping centres are aware of this, and have consistently been investing heavily in the latest HVAC systems that not only ensure their customer’s comfort, but also increase the energy efficiency of their complexes. Commercial buildings such as shopping centres consist of several areas that are intended for different uses and will obviously have different climatic control needs. As an example, a clothing store will require a different internal temperature when compared to a restaurant that uses cooking equipment, or a store or supermarket that has freezers and fridges for their chilled products.

Our products have been carefully selected to ensure that they treat internal air and help mitigate any losses that result from thermal exchanges. Our superior cooling and heating systems are also centralised and user friendly, allowing every outlet to set their preferred temperatures, while the main HVAC system in the common areas handles the rest. In addition, our HVAC systems treat air to guarantee that customers have a pleasant shopping experience, reducing any air pollutants that can accumulate from nearby roads and underground car parks. Furthermore, there is also a dehumidification capability to remove water vapour and steam generated from food areas in the shopping centre.

ASIL has a long standing commitment to manage their clients’ projects from start to finish, in order to ensure that their requirements and expectations are met. Our staff takes project management very seriously, and they will be there throughout the entire process – right until our products are installed and tested to industrial standards.

ASIL has so far provided HVAC systems for a number of leading shopping centres, including the Duke Shopping Mall in Gozo. This complex is located in the centre of Gozo’s capital Victoria, and it boasts numerous leading retail outlets, the Duke’s Café, and leisure outlets spread across 6,000 square metres. Another prominent client of ASIL is ZARA Malta. This store is located in the main shopping area of Sliema, and it consists of Malta largest retail store spread across two floors, supplying the Maltese population with Men’s, Women’s and Kid’s fashion, as well as a Home section